Culinary Arts: Secret Facts That You Should Know

So you think you know about the culinary arts or want to impress your friends? Learn about some lesser known facts about this developing field.The art of cooking has become an established discipline that is also known as culinary arts. Like many other disciplines it has evolved over the years to a point where it has its own unique history and secrets. Here, we take a look at a few of these secrets and provide some interesting insight into the developing field.We start by first looking at a common misperception held by many people regarding its beginnings. The Culinary arts is a field that has been thought to have developed in the 1800s. However, this is inaccurate since the practice of developing and refining cooking practices has been around as long as there has been fire. The distinction made in the 1800s is that is was structurally refined into a school structure which is why this date is considered its origin. However, common sense will tell you that cooking and teaching cooking has been practiced long before the 19th Century. Not to mention this is a slight to the many chefs and cooks that have gone before us to suggest they did not pass on their knowledge to others.Another interesting fact is that one of the best known cooking schools in America is known as the CIA. Of course, this CIA is not the one that works in intelligence, but is known as the Culinary Institute of America. The same acronym has raised its share of eyebrows from those who mistake the one for the other. Of course, if you join this school, you can brag to your friends that you are going to the CIA.One surprising fact to many is the breakdown of the genders in this profession. Despite the sexist stereotype of cooking being women’s work, the actual numbers are much closer between the gender. Women actually only are 54% of all the culinary artists according to the US Department of Labor.In addition, many culinary professionals do not work for fancy restaurants. This misconception has been created because of the proliferation of popular television shows that highlight this particular job. However, for every “Kitchen Nightmares” type show, there are other professionals that are doing preparation cooking in other areas. In fact, two of the most popular options for work opportunities are found in hospitals and nursing homes. This option may not be as glamorous to some at the surface, but it does provide a vital service and is a growth industry with our aging population.We hope that the above has given you some great facts to share with friends and family. If nothing else, the culinary arts should be fun and we think these facts provide a little more “spice and seasoning” to an aspect of this discipline that is often overlooked.